Preventative maintenance and technologies to secure your Club. We guarantee safety for your workstation, server, device, and people.
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We take Cyber Security seriously to keep your data safe and secure. Totally.

Cyber Security Monitoring
  • Cyber Security Audit
  • Cyber Security Stuff Training
  • Risk Management
  • Penetration Tests
  • Security Incident Response
Disaster Recovery as a Service PRO
  • Recovery Plan Development
  • Recovery Plan Implementation
  • Recovery Plan Execution Control
  • IT services Backup Procedures
  • Business Continuity Plan

Why trust Cyber Security to us

Our goal is to mitigate risks and address vulnerabilities.
Our dedicated experts are always available to help.
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Our goal is to mitigate risks and address vulnerabilities.
Our dedicated experts are always available to help.
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We are not fighting security threats – we are working hard to prevent them by implementing the best industry standards and completing all necessary tests to ensure Clubs' safety.
Kanstantin FaminKanstantsin
Kanstantsin Famin
Head of IT Support

Our process explained

  • 1Cyber security Audit
  • 2Cyber security strategy development & implementation
  • 3User Awareness Training, onboarding
  • 4Managed Endpoint Security
  • 5Penetration Testing
  • 1.Cyber security Audit
  • 2.Cyber security strategy development & implementation
  • 3.User Awareness Training, onboarding
  • 4.Managed Endpoint Security
  • 5.Penetration Testing
Stage 1.
Cyber security Audit
Audit your current cybersecurity in addition to addressing all other issues which arise.
Stage 2.
Cyber security strategy development & implementation
We design and implement necessary steps to decrease risks, prevent vulnerabilities, and provide a data-recovery plan.
Stage 3.
User Awareness Training, onboarding
Training won’t turn your staff into cybersecurity experts. However, it will equip them with the skills to identify suspicious emails, learn better practices when browsing the web, and how to act in case any issues arise.
Stage 4.
Managed Endpoint Security
Clubs desktops, laptops and tablets are a point of access to your business network. You need to be assured that if your staff uses the device that provides that entry point, it won't harm your network.
Stage 5.
Penetration Testing
With penetration testing, we identify any possible vulnerabilities in your system, network, or IT infrastructure by simulating a cyber-attack.
We offer 360° Managed Services, where we take care of everything


On behalf of the National Club team, I would like to thank the Club Support team for the outstanding service you have provided to the club for so many years.

Your support of our IT services has always been very responsive to meet our needs, as well as our members and keep us running whenever we have had any issues. Your team is very familiar with our brand, staff, hardware, software and is solution based when addressing any challenges that arise. Additionally, in today’s crazy world, Club Support has helped keep us safe and secure in world where unfortunately, cyber attacks seem to be commonplace.

Club Support has been a valuable partner over the years and will continue to be so, as we approach our 150th Anniversary at the National Club in 2024! I would highly recommend anyone looking for professional IT Services to consider using Club Support Inc.

Bill Morari
Bill Morari
General Manager, COO

Club Support knows the Club industry and understands how our business operates. They are always available and ready to help with our Club’s technical and IT needs.
That’s why we trust them to handle all our IT, Cyber security and telephone system maintenance.
Working with Club Support allows us to focus on our business and members while they take care of the rest.

Denise Contestabile
Denise Contestabile
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