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Why All-Inclusive IT Contracts Make Sense for Membership Clubs?
Why all-inclusive IT contracts work so well for membership clubs – find out six main reasons
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In this post, we’ll explore six critical reasons why all-inclusive IT contracts work so well for membership clubs.

Always Have Access to Expert IT Assistance

Investing in an all-inclusive IT contract for your membership club ensures you will always have access to the professional team you need. That can provide invaluable peace of mind in an emergency, whether your POS systems start to malfunction or an employee has an issue with their computer. You can reach out via phone, email, or other communication channels to find a solution. And you will run your membership club more smoothly, more efficiently, and more effectively when you have experts on hand at all times. Any issues you need to resolve will be dealt with quickly by a team that has seen it all before.

Your employees can concentrate on delivering an exceptional customer experience and leave your members satisfied without trying to make sense of a complex technical problem by themselves.

Understand Exactly How Much You’ll Spend on IT Each Month

An all-inclusive contract involves one monthly payment that covers all of your IT needs. You will discuss your membership club’s daily processes, current IT infrastructure, technological challenges, and other essential factors before your IT service provider offers a monthly price. This is a fixed, transparent rate based on the services provided — you won’t be left guessing what your IT expenses will be from month to month.

You will know that no matter what hardware or software problems you experience, you will receive help from a seasoned team without having to pay unexpected costs out of pocket. That allows you to dedicate funds to other areas of running your membership club without worrying about high emergency call-out charges that may crop up from time to time.

Focus on Running a Successful Club

If you and your team have tried to manage your IT infrastructure independently in the past, you will know how difficult that can be. Without the right training, experience, or knowhow, troubleshooting issues and ensuring that your equipment runs exactly as it should can be a formidable challenge.

You may be forced to wrangle outdated computers, run the risk of security breaches, and try to make the best of hardware that is significantly ill-suited to your technological requirements. And, let’s be honest, you and your team already have more than enough to handle without a flood of IT problems. Simply keeping your club running smoothly and your members happy is a tough, time-consuming endeavor even with a solid IT infrastructure in place. But with an all-inclusive IT contract, you can concentrate on the minutiae of club management without being distracted by technological hiccups. Leave the heavy lifting to the people who do it best.

Provide Members with the High-Quality Experience at All Times

The quality of your IT hardware and software has a direct impact on the quality of your members’ experience. If your staff have nothing but slow, clunky computers and inefficient software to rely on, everything from checking members in to taking payments will be harder than it should be. And that means your members will have a weaker experience overall. They may be forced to stand at your reception desk for minutes at a time while a member of staff tries to figure out why their computer won’t restart. Or they could try to use equipment themselves only to find that it absolutely will not do what they need it to.

Members might forgive slow service, errors, or delays due to technological issues once. Maybe even twice. But if they happen again and again, even the most loyal, compassionate member will be tempted to look elsewhere. It’s likely that they will speak to friends, colleagues, and relatives about their negative experience(s) at your club, too. Even if they highlight the better aspects of your club, their complaints could still put others off trying your venue for themselves. And that would cost you precious new business.

Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of IT-related mishaps considerably with an all-inclusive contract with a trusted team. Your staff and your members will enjoy a better experience overall when you have a solid IT setup.

Get the Right Equipment and Support for Your Day-to-Day Needs

When you sign up for an all-inclusive contract with a professional IT service provider, you will receive well-informed recommendations on hardware and software. They will help you understand why your current setup could be letting you down and what better alternatives are available.

Computers, servers, tablets, and other hardware will all perform at their best when you have a reliable IT team on hand. You can pick their brains about getting the most out of your equipment, and how employees can use the tools at their disposal to improve their productivity. A great team will always be happy to help you, whether that comes in the form of hands-on assistance or advice.

Take Advantage of Budgetary Planning Assistance from IT Professionals

General managers and controllers may find it difficult to allocate the right money to build the right IT infrastructure. Focusing on the cheapest hardware and the most basic software may seem like a great money-saving tactic, but it could backfire. Poorly made equipment and tools could hinder your team with one issue after another. Even a slew of tiny problems can all add up over time.

But Club Support Inc.’s IT experts have years of experience in the club industry, which empowers us to help you plan and optimize your budget. We’ll provide you with a highly competitive quote for your all-inclusive IT contract that encompasses all the solutions you need to maintain your club’s success.

Club Support Inc. delivers professional services to golf, sports, social, and yacht clubs, catering to venues of all sizes and budgets. Take advantage of 24/7 support, either on-site or remotely, for maximum convenience and peace of mind.

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Denis Kateneff
May 30, 2022
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