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What to Look for When Hiring a Professional IT Support Company for Your Club?
What factors are the most important to keep in mind when choosing the best IT support company
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Your IT infrastructure plays a fundamental role in operating a successful club, but managing your own systems, without expert input, can be tough.

Fortunately, you can hire a team of IT support specialists to keep your infrastructure in its best condition — but how do you find the best company for your club?

In this post, our team will explore the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing your IT support company.

Years of Experience Working with Clients in the Club Industry

The best IT support team for you should have worked with other clubs over the years. If not, they may not understand how to create the right IT infrastructure for your business. That lack of clarity could lead the company to make poor recommendations regarding computers and software — which would leave your staff without the best tools for essential everyday tasks.

Speak to prospective companies about their experience, the type of clubs they have worked with in the past, and what common problems they have solved.

A Provable Client Portfolio to Bring You Peace of Mind

Experienced IT support companies have built a solid portfolio of clients in one or more industries. Even if they have only been operating for a few years, a reliable team should still have a small number of clients willing to praise their services.

Most IT support companies, regardless of size, will showcase a selection of their clients on their websites. Take a moment to browse these when researching any company on your list of potentials.

In some cases, a client may simply be referred to by name. In others, though, they will supply a testimonial to highlight the benefits of working with the company.

Be wary of any IT support team that fails to include information on its clients on its website and/or social media pages. They may be too concerned about their past clients scaring other businesses away.

Know Your Monthly Costs with All-Inclusive Contracts

Running a successful club incurs a great deal of expense. And that’s why you need to consider your ongoing IT support costs carefully before you sign up with a new service provider. The amount of money you invest into your IT infrastructure could rise — and ultimately get out of control — without a fixed budget to work with. However, the best IT support companies offer all-inclusive contracts.

Choose a team providing all-inclusive contracts and you won’t have to guess how much your IT expenses will amount to each month. All the services required to keep your infrastructure (and your club) running properly will be included in your contract. That will provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on delivering the best member experience without worrying about potential unexpected costs associated with technical issues.

Professional Support Available 24/7

Even if your club only operates between standard opening hours, you could run into issues with your IT infrastructure at any time. And those little hiccups could affect your club’s operations and the quality of the member experience you provide. Your valued members may face problems with booking visits online, accessing their account information, and more.

It’s crucial that your IT support company offers remote support 24 hours a day, every day. No matter when a crisis strikes, you’ll know you can reach out to the experts for a solution. Additionally, your service provider should offer on-site or remote support based on the nature of the issue.

On-site support would involve visiting your club to resolve problems as soon as possible. But remote support is a convenient, fast way to fix many issues that don’t require a technician to be physically present. They will be able to take control of your computers from their office straight away.

A Team Willing to Help You with Budgetary Planning

Budgetary planning is vital to ensure that you make the most of available funds and configure the ideal IT infrastructure for your club. A company with experience in the club industry will be able to help general managers and controllers with budgetary planning and optimization. That type of support can be extremely helpful when putting your IT setup into place and make this process easier.

Access to the Latest Technologies to Bring Out the Best in Your Club

When you work with a trusted IT support company, you’ll have access to seasoned experts who can recommend the hardware and software best suited to your club. If you typically buy systems without professional input, you could have missed out on better options or spent more money than necessary.

That’s not an issue when you have a team of specialists just a phone call away. Any questions you have about your current systems, or any equipment you’re considering buying in the future, will be answered by the right people.

On top of that, they will also work hard to keep all of your technologies running properly round the clock. You don’t need to worry about your members and staff struggling with poor POS systems or tablets.

A Proactive Approach

Proactive service matters in the world of IT support. Some service providers might focus on responding to client calls and fixing problems after they occur. But if they take too long, the damage may have already been done, such as poor member experiences or technical glitches that set your team back for hours.

Choose the right professionals and they will take a proactive approach to managing your systems. They will make sure that your hardware and software is running smoothly to maintain optimal performance. That type of approach will reduce the risk of problems occurring down the line and reassure you that you’re in good hands.

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Jun 30, 2022
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