How to Select the Best Membership Management Software
Which features are the most important, and what should you consider to make the right choice
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Your club must provide a strong membership experience to achieve, and maintain, success. That encompasses various elements, from great customer service to high-quality facilities. But well-designed, user-friendly membership management software is essential, too. Why? Because it can help you keep track of your members, their payments, their communication history with your team, and more. But there are many platforms on the market, offering diverse features and functions. How are you supposed to choose the right one for your club?

Join Club Support Inc. as we help you pick the best membership management software, understand the key features to look out for, and more.

What is Membership Management Software?

Membership management software is designed to help clubs and other membership-based companies deliver a high standard of service. You no longer need to search through hundreds of paper files to find information. Now, the best membership management software puts all the data you need to run your club at your fingertips. Membership management software usually contains a wide range of features to help you handle various tasks, from processing payments to solving members’ problems.

What Benefits Does Membership Management Software Offer?

Let’s check out the top four benefits of using membership management software:

1. Streamline Administrative Tasks

Admin can be time-consuming for clubs with a growing membership base, especially if you have a small team. Everything from responding to queries to processing new registrations can be tough when you’re forced to handle it all manually.

But the automation capabilities of the best software enables you to reduce the number of tasks you have to handle, such as by sending automated replies to messages or reminding members to renew their memberships. That will leave you with more time to focus on bigger tasks.

2. Access All of Your Club’s Data in One Place

With membership management software, your team will have access to a centralized system packed with all the information you need. You won’t have to switch between different platforms or dig through filing cabinets for answers anymore.

Instead, the best software organizes data logically and helps you find the info you need in almost any situation.

3. Make Data-Driven Decisions

Great management software includes analytics, which enables you to understand your club and your members better. You will be able to generate reports and track patterns over specific periods, such as drops in attendance or increases in new memberships.

When you study this data, you can make decisions based on fact rather than guesswork.

4. Build Stronger Connections with Members

Using membership management software provides you with new ways to communicate with your members. You will be able to send emails and notifications to everyone in your database, providing up-to-the-minute information on upcoming events, policy changes, special offers, and more.

Over time, your software could help you foster a stronger connection with your members and increase their general satisfaction with your club.

How to Choose the Best Membership Management Software for Your Club

Check the Features Available.

One of the most important aspects of choosing your club’s software is the set of features available. Some platforms offer more features than others, so it’s crucial that you know what you’ll get for your money.

Top features include:

Member Databases

With comprehensive database features, you can access essential details about your members and organize them in various ways to suit your preferences.

Mobile App

Membership management software may include one or more apps, such as one for members and another for admins.

The latter, for example, would be able to access key information anywhere using their mobile device. Members, on the other hand, may update their account information, book slots at your club, and more.

Payment Management

Payment processing is a highly desirable feature in membership management software. You could offer a range of payment options, which members are likely to appreciate, automate renewals for improved convenience, and more.

Ask How User-Friendly It Is

If you choose software that’s clunky with a steep learning curve, you could make your job harder, not easier. The sooner you can pick it up and find everything you need to, the better.

Check reviews from other clubs, including those in your field (e.g. golf clubs, yacht clubs), for invaluable first-hand insights.

Make Sure Your Membership Management Software Suits Your Budget

Bigger clubs may have their pick of membership management solutions without worrying about the expense. But smaller clubs operating on a tighter budget may need to consider their options a little more carefully before they invest.

You could be tempted to go with the cheapest platform, but take a little time to check that the software you choose offers value for money first. Browse the market to find platforms that fit in with your budget, and make sure that those include the features you’ll need.

Check the Customer Support Available

Customer support is critical in high-quality membership management software. Self-service tools, such as FAQ sections or chatbots, are common components of comprehensive customer support. But confirm that the software provider has a team available via email, phone, and other common channels, too.

When you run into a glitch or a confusing feature, you don’t want to be forced to figure it out while members are waiting to be served. Minor delays could have a negative impact on your member’s visit — and potentially affect their decision to come back.

But with good customer support, you’ll be able to speak to a professional who can help you solve problems efficiently.

How to Keep Your IT Infrastructure Running Smoothly

Choosing membership management software is just one aspect of operating an effective, efficient IT infrastructure. You also need to keep your computers and servers running smoothly, provide staff and members with quality POS systems, and maintain reliable Wi-Fi connections.

Sounds like a tall order? Don’t worry — Club Support Inc. is here to help. We offer a comprehensive range of services for social clubs, sport clubs, golf clubs, and more.

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