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How To Choose the Right IT Company for Your Club?
Why do you need an IT team, and what are the six essential steps when choosing it
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A strong IT setup is critical to running a successful club. Everything from bookings a tea time, efficient starter booth, to serving their food in timely manner depends on your systems functioning properly. However, if your IT infrastructure is flawed, your club could fail to deliver the quality service your members expect.

Fortunately, an IT company can help you avoid problems and perform at your best – but how do you find the right one for your club? Below, we’ll cover 6 essential steps when choosing an IT team and the reasons why you need one.

Why Does Your Club Need an IT Company?

Focus on Running Your Club at Maximum Efficiency Without IT Issues Holding You back. When you and your employees try to fix issues without expert assistance, you’ll have less time for your core duties. As a result, the quality of experience you deliver may suffer. Working with an IT company liberates you from taking responsibility for your systems and leaves you free to run your club.

Access Experts 24/7 for All IT Emergencies

Technical issues can strike at any time, day or night. And you want the peace of mind that you can reach out for help round the clock to avoid delays. The best IT companies offer 24/7 support to solve your problems at any time.

Keep Members Happy with the Latest Technologies and Software

Even minor problems with your IT infrastructure can disrupt a member’s visit to your club. Let’s say a loyal member schedules a game ahead of a crucial business meeting to relax and think through what they want to say.But when they arrive, your employees are unable to process their booking because your systems are slow — or fail to function entirely. Imagine how frustrated that member would be if they’re left waiting while your employees struggle to diagnose a technical issue. However, working with an IT company ensures your computers, servers, POS systems, and Wi-Fi always run smoothly.

Remote IT Support for Fast, Convenient Solutions

Remote IT computer technical support enables specialists to access your systems and assess problems immediately. Leave your information technology in expert hands and get back to work as soon as possible.

6 Steps to Finding the Right IT Company for Your Club

We’ve covered the reasons why your Club needs an IT company. Now, we’ll look at how one you can trust.

Check Reviews Extensively

Almost 40% of Canadians feel that online reviews have a major influence on their shopping choices. And they can play a crucial role in helping you to find the best IT company in your area, too. But don’t just glance at a business’s star rating on Google — dig a little deeper. Take the time to read reviews carefully, and take note of pros and cons. A little research can go a long way. Don’t rush into a decision you may regret.

Look into the Company’s History

Try to find out how many years any IT company that catches your eye has under its belt. The longer a business has been operating, the more likely it is to have ironed the creases out of its services. It will have worked with more clients and technologies. It will have encountered and solved more problems. And it will know what works and what doesn’t when dealing with customers.

Speak to Other Clients for an Impartial Perspective

Reliable IT companies list some of their clients on their websites. That helps them earn more credibility and trust, but it also provides you with an opportunity to research your options beyond reading online reviews.

You can reach out to a company’s existing clients for imperial insights into the quality of service they have received since they started working with the IT company in question. This may reveal potential benefits and drawbacks that reviewers failed to mention online.

Assess the Level of Support They Offer

You want to feel reassured that your chosen IT team is available when you need it — not just for a few hours a day. That’s where 24/7 support is so important: you’ll have peace of mind that you can call a specialist at any time as part of your contract, without the fear of expensive one-off callout charges in an emergency. The right IT company for your Club will offer quick response times 24 hours a day, whether you need on-site or remote assistance.

Determine If They Have the Resources to Support Your Club

Don’t be afraid to ask an IT team how it knows it can provide the services your Club needs. A dependable IT company will have a team of trained, experienced professionals and the resources to handle a Club of your size. An IT company with experience in the club industry will also understand common issues and how to avoid them. Your chosen team should be able to foresee potential problems and address them before they affect your club.

The Right IT Company for Your Club is Here

Club Support Inc. is dedicated to delivering the best IT solutions for Clubs and supporting essential daily operations with varied services.

We’ll ensure your computers and servers always run smoothly. We’ll work with you to strategically plan and optimize your budget. We’ll ensure your employees and members have dependable POS systems for a stress-free, user-friendly experience. Our all-inclusive contracts guarantee that you know exactly how much you’ll pay each month — get all the IT solutions you need to keep your Club running at its best for a fixed price.

Sounds good? It gets better — try Club Support Inc.’s service for 30 days, and we’ll give you the irresistible new iPad! Speak to our IT specialists to get started today!

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Mar 7, 2022
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