How Managed IT Services and POS Support Help Membership Organizations Succeed?
What are the significant advantages of working with a managed IT service and POS support provider
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Building a successful club or membership organization demands hard work, time, commitment, money, and the right technologies. The latter can be one of the most complex factors to get right — which is why managed IT services and POS support is so important.

But how do they help? Below, we’ll explore five major advantages of working with a managed IT service and POS support provider.

Ensure that Your Computers and Servers Run Smoothly at All Times

Perhaps the chief advantage of working with a managed service provider (MSP) is that your IT infrastructure will run as you need it to round the clock. You’ll have access to a trained, experienced team with the technical expertise to set up the right computers and servers for your club’s day-to-day operations.

You won’t need to rely on outdated or inefficient hardware that affects your team’s ability to work at their best. Your MSP will assess your technical requirements, processes, and member expectations to understand exactly what setup will work best for your club.

Crucially, they’ll use their knowledge and experience of working in the club industry to predict potential problems — and fix them before they even happen. That leaves you free to focus on delivering the highest standard of service to your guests and members, while your MSP will keep your computers and servers running smoothly behind the scenes. For example, Club Support Inc. will implement the latest Wi-Fi technology to provide your members with uninterrupted access and a dependable POS service. Your employees and members will enjoy smooth technical performance, minimizing the risk of frustrating delays or mistakes.

Receive Expert Assistance to Plan and Optimize Your Budget More Effectively

Budgetary planning is paramount for any successful business. Management issues are to blame for more than 70% of Canadian companies that fail, which includes issues with financial management.

Building and maintaining a high-quality IT infrastructure can be expensive. And, as a result, general managers and controllers may find budgeting for hardware and software investments challenging, especially if it’s their first time. However, working with a team of experienced IT professionals will make budgetary planning involving technology investments much easier. Club Support Inc.’s team has worked in the club industry for more than 19 years. We understand how to help clubs and membership organizations find room in their budget for high-quality IT solutions — so you can expect outstanding value for money.

Take Advantage of an All-Inclusive Contract to Avoid Unexpected IT Spending

Clubs that choose not to partner with a team of IT professionals may have no clear idea of how much they’ll spend on their IT from month to month. For instance, if you experience technical issues that prevent employees from completing tasks and leave members unable to enjoy the services they pay for, you may hire an emergency call-out team to solve them.

One-off services can be significantly less cost-effective than working with a business offering all-inclusive contracts. You won’t need to worry about how much of your club’s finances will be channeled toward keeping your systems running: controllers and general managers will always know the price of monthly bills. This charge will cover the full suite of IT services and POS support in your bespoke package.

As all-inclusive contracts will ensure you receive all the IT and POS support you need, you’ll know what funds you have available to invest into other areas of your club or membership organization, too. Such as? Staff training, refurbishments, and new equipment for staff and members to name just a few possibilities.

Access Remote Support for a Quick Fix in an Emergency and Minimize Delays

The sooner you can solve a technical problem, the sooner you can get your operations up and running. Even the most minor IT hiccup could prevent your staff from providing members with the services they need. For example, a malfunctioning POS system or computer might restrict your members from booking a court or a tee time or ordering food while at the halfway house.

Fortunately, remote IT computer technical support can help your club or membership organization avoid potentially damaging delays. Club Support Inc.’s IT specialists will leverage the latest technology to access your systems remotely, explore the nature of your problem, and fix it without on-site assistance. Our experts will quickly establish a secure connection to your computer and get to work. And you can watch what steps they take on your screen for full transparency. There will be no need for emergency on-site callouts that could make delays longer and longer.

Provide Guests with a Better Customer Experience and Increase Loyalty

Research shows that 82% of Canadians would pay more to support products or services from businesses they trust. Delivering a high-quality experience will help you earn members’ trust and, ultimately, motivate them to stay loyal to your club or organization. When they receive friendly, professional, efficient service, your members will have less reason to take their custom elsewhere.

Working with a dedicated provider of managed IT services and POS support will empower your team to perform at its best. Everyone from your front-desk staff to your administration department will have access to the technology they need to work efficiently and effectively. Satisfied members will be more likely to recommend your club or organization to friends, colleagues, and even strangers (via online reviews).

How Can You Start Working with the Best Local IT Technicians to Support Your Club?

Club Support Inc. has established a reputation for excellence by delivering bespoke IT services to golf clubs, sport clubs, social clubs, and yacht clubs. Our team of specialists works with the latest technologies and will provide you with tailored solutions at a highly competitive fixed monthly rate.

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Denis Kateneff
Apr 9, 2022
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